How To register For Ethereum Million Money Project Using Trust Wallet

Now that you have your Trust wallet installed and funded, the next step to take is to activate your Level 1 position in Million Money Project and by this you have taken a position in this laudable project.

To achieve this, follow the step-by-step process as outlined below.

STEP 1: All you need to do is to fire up your Trust Wallet app and then tap on the 4small squares as shown below to switch to the inbuilt browser in the app.

STEP 2: For you to activate your Million Money account, you will need the referral link from the person that introduce you to this program.

If you are not referred here by anyone, you can use the referral link below.


Just copy and paste the link you’re giving or copy the one above if you are not refer here by anyone and paste it in the address bar as shown below and tap enter.

STEP 3: Then you will be taken to a page as shown below. Note that the language use on the site is not English.

All you just need to do is to tap on the “RU” as shown in the red circled below and the different languages of different countries will flip out.

STEP 4: Next, choose the language of your country. In this case, tap on English as circled below so as to change the language on the site from Russian to English.

STEP 5: Once the language has been changed, then tap on the big red button “REGISTER/SIGN IN” as shown below to continue.

STEP 6: On the next page that loads up, tap on “Login automatically” to continue.

STEP 7: You must be careful here. You have to make sure that the ID of the person referring you is showing as circled in red below.

Remember, in this example we are using as the sign up link above. So make sure that you can see that same number as circled below.

If you cannot see the numbers or it is different from the one in the link that you used, simply close the app and launch it and start all over again.

This is very important so that you will not go and signup under a wrong person than the one referring you.

Once the ID in the circle below is correspond with the one in the link you used, then tap “To register” to continue.

STEP 8: In the next page that shows up, you will be asked to confirm that you want to purchase level 1 and shown the amount of ether that will be deducted from your account.

Once you’re satisfy with it, tap on Approve as shown below and you will be register.

STEP 9: Haha! You have just bought your level 1 position on Ethereum Million Money Project. You will be taken to a page like the one shown below and you will notice that your Status is reading Pending.

All what you need to do is to close the app and the launch it back in about 5minutes and the go to the browser and type in and tap enter and you will e taken to your account and you will be able to get your referral link that you will be using to sign up your referrals.


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