How To Install Trust Wallet On Your Android SmartPhone

Working with ethereum require that you have an ethereum wallet. one of the best ethereum out there is Trust Wallet. Below are step-by-step how you can install the Trust Ethereum Wallet on your android smart phone.

STEP 1: Click on the link below to download the Trust wallet on your smart phone. Make sure that you installed Trust Crypto Wallet from SIX DAYS LLC as shown in the image below.


STEP 2: Tap on Create New Wallet as shown in the image below and continue.

STEP 3: Here you will need to do two things before you see the image below: First, you will be shown 12 pass phrase, you will need to write them down in order that they are shown.

One quick note here, this is the password to your wallet. anyone that has access to it has access to your wallet and can take away your ether.

And if you loose them, that will be the end of your money. So guide and keep them diligently that you will not loose it or let it get to the hand or unauthorized person.

Secondly after you have copied the phrases, tap continue and you will see a page where you will rearrange the phrase in their correct order. Once you do that then tap continue and you will now see the picture as it is below.

Now you will need to agree to the term written their by checking the small square box.

Finally, tap on the link continue to proceed.

STEP 4: Wow! Once you can see the image below you have successfully install the Trust Wallet on your device. So, just tap Done to proceed to your wallet.

The installation of the Trust Wallet is as simple as you have seen above. Go ahead now and install the app because this is your starting point.

After you have successfully installed the Trust Wallet, you will now need to fund your wallet with the requires ether for the Million Money business.

To do this you will need to generate your wallet address and to do just that, click the button CLICK/TAP HERE TO PROCCED below to see the step-by-step instruction on how to generate your wallet address.


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