How To Generate Wallet Address Inside Trust Wallet App

Wallet Address is liken to your bank account number. This is peculiar to everyone and it is what you can use to either receive or transfer ether to another wallet address or from another wallet address respectively.

Each wallet has both public and private address. The public address is what you give to everyone in other to receive ether and your private address is what you use to authenticate your transaction on the blockchain.

To generate your wallet address, take the following steps:

STEP 1: Fire up your Trust wallet app and tap on the Ethereum as circled in red below.

STEP 2: Then tap on the “Receive” button as shown below in red circle and continue to the next page.

STEP 3: Here you will be presented with a page as the one below. Two things here, the area circled in green is your public wallet address while you tap on “Copy” as in red below to copy the address to your clipboard.

STEP 4: Paste the copied address and send it to the person that want to fund your wallet for you. Or paste it into the wallet address column of any exchanger you want to purchase ether from and your wallet will be funded.

After your wallet have been funded, click/tap on the red button below to continue to how you can activate your Million Money account.


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