How many times have you made goals and resolutions and failed to win?

What if I told you why you did not win and how to fix that?

But before that, remember that we are in the last quarter of the year 2017.

First look back to the goals and resolutions you set in January of this year. Are you able to fulfill them?

Another January is fast approaching which means another round of setting goals and resolutions for the new year 2018.

Have you ever consider why you have not been able to achieve your goals and resolutions set at the beginning of every year, year in year out? One thing you should know is that success is not in the “how” but “why”.

In this article I will show you the important of “why” over “how” in setting goals and achieving them

The Mindset “why”

Success is found in the mind, in the mindset “why”.

For you to change your habit goes a long with changing your ways of life to align with accomplishing the set goals, you must first change your “why”.

I am not saying that it is easy because person’s “why” is linked to their core beliefs and values, likes and dislikes and to change a core value is not an easy task.

These are the attitudes or opinions that we have fed our mind with over a long period of time. Some of which are; “I’ll never be rich”, “I’m not interested in money”, “The rich are evil”, or “Investing is risky”.

There will not be much changes in your life until there is a shift in these mindsets.

For example, if you believe “I’ll never be rich” the chances of you becoming rich are very slim, because your “why” won’t even let you try things that will make you money and will not be to effect the new year resolution of earning more money.

Your “why” Is Your Capacity for Change

When it comes to accomplishing goals, your “why” affects the “how” and this can b explain in two ways.

1. Limiting your “why” limit your “how”

If a person’s “why” is limited by, “I am not interested in real estate,” for instance, their limited “why” will reject most “how to” content about real estate. In other words, limiting your “why” screens or filters your “how to” content

2. “Why” Determines Capacity

You can ONLY be rich as your “why” allows you for example, 5litres gas tank can only hold a maximum of five litres gas. When it comes to money, you may have a million naira “why” capacity. That is all the money that you can hold.

So, if you want to really accomplish your goals and resolutions for the new year, begin from now to make a shift to your “why” of those goals than to their “how” because when your “why” is strong enough, the “how to” will come to be.

As the old saying that says, “Where there is a WILL, there will always be a WAY”.

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