Like seriously, it is time you created your OWN fortune using this 30th century BC breakthrough that has consistently created wealth for 1000s of years and will continue to do so GUARANTEED!!

You see the problem with breakthroughs like this is that:

1. They are in public domain. Everybody including you already use it
2. They are encoded with secrets that only the initiated can decode
3. They are so stupid simple that when you finally decode them, you feel like kicking yourself for not seeing it all along

Yet, century old secrets like this have such potent power to produce results in such a way that:

1. It worked centuries ago
2. It still works now
3. It will continue to work for centuries to come

And I can bet my last kobo on that statement.

You see, facts do not lie and today, I will show you facts and show you how to create a simple 90day plan for creating your own fortunes.

One of the quantum leaps man made in the 30th century BC was the invention of writing in Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt!

This was a major, major breakthrough which continues to rivet into more and more centuries and continues to create fortunes.

For instance, every movie you have seen in the last 5years has a script. Every book you read in school. This email you are reading is an offshoot of that invention.

Now, pause to think about these blue-chip global brands and/or products:

1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Whatsapp

What are they essentially about? Yeah.. you got it right.

Take the invention of writing and information and the organisation and dissemination of information and you have no Google or Facebook or Whatsapp!

Now, before you start jumping to conclusion, take a moment to consider these facts.

1. One of the 8 known surviving copies of ‘The First Book of Urizen’ was sold at Sotheby’s New York in 1999 for a whopping $2.5 million to a private collector.


2. Agatha Christie’s book And Then There Were None; first published in 1939 has since sold around 100 million copies

3. Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic – Think and Grow Rich continues to inspire and guide millions of people across the world to success.

Over the next 90days, you can create as much as a million using the same timeless secrets that has continued to produce results for thousands of people through the ages and here is how.

And you can create your own fortunes in just 3 steps starting now.

Step I: Find a problem and turn that problem into a topic.
Step II: Write a solution.
Step III: Sell the solution

You see, people who have decoded the age long wealth secrets embedded in writing know that the foundation of wealth is to find a PROBLEM that can be SOLVED at a REASONABLE fee.

Then, solve the problem in writing and offer the solution to the public at a fee.

The problem with most would-be authors is that they choose the wrong topics, write the wrong books, try to sell in the wrong markets and then go broke.

You see to make a million in the next 90days from books, you need to pick a topic you can sell at for instance N10k a copy and sell 100 copies.

This is such a radical difference from trying to sell 10,000 copies of a N150 book!

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