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Why Ask Why?…. Part 1

How many times have you made goals and resolutions and failed to win?

What if I told you why you did not win and how to fix that?

But before that, remember that we are in the last quarter of the year 2017.

First look back to the goals and resolutions you set in January of this year. Are you able to fulfill them?

Another January is fast approaching which means another round of setting goals and resolutions for the new year 2018.

Have you ever consider why you have not been able to achieve your goals and resolutions set at the beginning of every year, year in year out? One thing you should know is that success is not in the “how” but “why”.

In this article I will show you the important of “why” over “how” in setting goals and achieving them Continue reading

How to Self-Publish Your Way to Fortune

Like seriously, it is time you created your OWN fortune using this 30th century BC breakthrough that has consistently created wealth for 1000s of years and will continue to do so GUARANTEED!!

You see the problem with breakthroughs like this is that:

1. They are in public domain. Everybody including you already use it
2. They are encoded with secrets that only the initiated can decode
3. They are so stupid simple that when you finally decode them, you feel like kicking yourself for not seeing it all along Continue reading